CrewCare Assisted Music Business Industry Training (AMBIT)

CrewCare is hosting a range of industry training programs in the coming months which have been specifically designed by crew for crew. We will be working with industry professionals to design tailored introductory modules specifically for the live music industry. Workers within this space that have found themselves out of work due to Covid-19 will have the opportunity to upskill and learn a new part of the industry.

It’s no secret that our industry has been doing it tough, this is why our programs are not only free, but participants will receive a small stipend for their participation. Upon completion of the practical and upskill modules, participants will receive a certificate of completion which will be industry recognized. The program is broken down into five categories listed below.

Foundation Module

The Foundation Training is the base training program that is freely available to anyone who wants to know more about working in the live music industry. This module showcases several instructional videos, freely available on the CrewCare website, that provide an overview into specific areas of operation within the industry.

Click here... for Stagehands & Labour

Click here... for Rigging

Practical Modules

These ’hand’s on’ modules are designed to provide practical training to participants that want to learn about a specific area of the industry. Some of these areas include:

  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Audio
  • Video
  • among others.

The 1 day on the job program is divided into two parts – the online training modules and the practical program. Melbourne suppliers will host 4 hour practical inductions and online training modules for participants that are designed to provide a basic overview of what it means to work within that area of the industry.

Training Commencement: exact dates TBC dependent on Covid restrictions. All participants will be notified of exact dates via email at the start of the month. 

  • Online Modules - 1st round (Audio, Video, Lighting) undertaken: January 2021
  • Face to face Modules - 1st round (Rigging, Audio, Video, Lighting) undertaken: January 2021
  • Online Modules -  2nd round - (Audio, Video, Lighting) undertaken: February 2021
  • Face to face Modules - 2nd round (Rigging, Audio, Video, Lighting) undertaken: February 2021

Due to the social distancing regulations stipulated by the Victorian government this may be held in smaller groups over a larger number of seminars.

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Upskill Module - Industry Professionals

Experienced mid-senior staff may want to upskill in a specific area and often aren’t eligible for funding to do so. This program will be made up of scholarships that are created to upskill in a managerial role that is diverse and can be applied to multiple areas of the industry.

Scholarships will be offered to selected applicants to undertake a tailored short course in one of the following areas:

  • Tour Accounting
  • Tour Management
  • Production Management
  • CAD design

The course content will be created and delivered by key industry personnel within the Melbourne live music industry.

Online modules undertaken: February 2021

Click here to learn more about our facilitators.


Upskill Module - The Arts Centre Training

In addition to our supplier partners, The Arts Centre will be assisting to facilitate the following programs:

Safety Accreditation and White Card training (combination of online and face to face).

  • Part A - A half day to full day session held via zoom or similar webinar program. Reading is provided to attendees prior to partaking in the online sessions.
  • Part B of the program is delivered face to face at Sidney Myer Music Bowl and then certification is provided to participants.
  • Arts Centre - 1st round of CI cards: December 1st 2020
  • Arts Centre - 2nd round of CI cards: January 5th 2021
  • Arts Centre - 3rd round of CI cards: February 16th  2021

Return to work - Covid protocol (delivered online)

  • Short 1.5 hour protocol seminar that is designed for any business operating in the live music industry that wants to receive information on how to be Covid Safe when events return.
  • Arts Centre - 1st round of Covid Safe Training: December 14th 2020
  • Arts Centre - 2nd round of Covid Safe Training: January 11th 2021
  • Arts Centre - 3rd  round of Covid Safe Training: February 8th 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Arts centre training and face to face modules are subject to change depending on Covid protocols and opening up the SMMB for this training.


The mentorship program is available to students that have recently graduated from an RMIT music production or music industry/business course.

In collaboration with RMIT’s Vocational Education programs, current students are offered the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program upon completion of their higher education. This program is focused on supporting those that are underrepresented in our industry including, but not limited to: women and BIPOC communities. The mentorship is designed to assist recent graduates with the practical skills and assistance to find employment and understand the intricacies of the industry in practical terms.

Successful applicants that progress would be required to sit an interview with a panel of industry representatives that can help the student determine the best person to be partnered with.

RMIT VE - Mentorships undertaken: January 2021

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ACM Working in a COVID-19 Environment

Thanks to the Victorian Government, Creative Victoria and Arts Centre Melbourne, CrewCare are proud to be able to present the Art Centres Working in a COVID-19 Safe Environment document.


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MHFA Training

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CrewCare has partnered with Support Act and Griffith University to arrange for accredited courses in Mental Health First Aid training for CrewCare members, approved by the national Mental Health First Aid body and facilitated by Paige Gaudry from PNP Health.

The 4 day courses have been specifically designed for crew and delivered online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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