CrewCare is establishing exciting, alternative avenues to raise funds and assist those in crisis. Our projects and public events not only provide much needed funding, but also lift the profile of crew and highlight their core issues. CrewCare engages live production crew from all age groups and recognises that hosting vocal and successful nationwide events has a broad scope of appeal.

The Not-For-Profit and charitable nature of CrewCare and our collaboration with individuals and organisations exhibit the positive character and values of CrewCare. Aligning CrewCare's service offering to industry problems and alleviating the grievances of its target audience presents the ability to impact CrewCare's fundraising channels positively.

Monies raised are repurposed to the Support Act 'Roadies' fund, further extending CrewCare's reach and mission in supporting crew. Fundraised monies also contribute to CrewCare related projects, including

  • Research
  • Development of educational tools
  • Administration costs
  • Membership related costs
  • Activities related to the pursuits and objectives of CrewCare


CrewCare has identified numerous avenues for raising funds for both the organisations purposes and contributions to the Support Act 'Roadies' fund including:

CrewCare Membership

For CrewCare to collaborate closely with Support Act, it is essential that CrewCare aligns to Support Acts crewing criteria and its ability to assist crewmembers that have been working in the industry for 5 years or more. Those members that have not yet reached the 5year mark are provided a restricted membership, allowing the to benefit from all CrewCare services and discounts to products and events.

Supporter Memberships

Whilst CrewCare membership is free of charge to crew members; the organisation wishes to include and collaborate with others, including family, friends, or persons wishing to be involved. Those not directly involved in the live entertainment industry and are wanting to be involved can be under the provision of a membership fee. As the founders of CrewCare want to expand the contribution outside of just crew, they intend for this membership fees to be inexpensive, possibly $20-$30 per year.


CrewCare approaches reputable organisations for sposorships, providing acknowledgement on the CrewCare website, social media pages and newsletters, whilst also endorsing their products and/or services wherever practical.


CrewCare channels all financial donations through the Support Act 'Roadies' fund.


CrewCare has established relationships with individuals from all levels of the music industry. These relationships assisted in receiving donations of equipment, venues, personnel, project/event management, and catering for the events. Strategic use of these relationships minimised overheads costs, with  any excess funds raised to being donated to Support Act to further assist with crew welfare. 

  • Roady4Roadies
  • Roady for Roadies began in New Zealand. CrewCare adopted the concept (Roady4Roadies) and broadened its reach to be held as an event across five capital cities Australia wide. The events commence with a walk ccompanied by marshals to the main venue where there is a BBQ, live music performances and talks to highlight crew's role publicly and  recognise the mental and health challenges within the industry. 
  • The inaugural Roady4Roadies proved a stunning success, raising over $60,000.00 for the Support Act ‘Roadies fund’. Roady4Roadies 2020 is currently being planned as a truly national day for all crew on April 5th next year. Along with Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, the events will be rolled out in other capitals and regional cities across Australia. Click here for more information.

Ticketing Levy

CrewCare is lobbying for the establishment of a mandatory live music ticketing levy, to be paid on individual ticket sales by promotors and/or booking agents with all proceeds going to the Support Act ‘Roadies fund’


Merchandise sales and memorabilia auctions conducted via the CrewCare and Roady4Roadies websites and through sales and raffles at CrewCare events.

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 CrewCare acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of land throughout Australia and we pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.