Improving the welfare of Australian live production professionals and their families.
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Our social support services foster a sense of unity and purpose amongst all crew by providing open channels of communication and holding regular get-togethers and events. We are mindful that partners and family are pivotal to our members' wellbeing and encourage participation as a family unit, whilst also referring support services for family members in times of crisis or need.

We provide material through our website and social media to inform crew of professional services, whilst providing a social support network for all our members. CrewCare also offer support avenues to the partners and families of crew.

Social Support

  • Social Media Groups
  • Website & Mail-outs
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Online Community Network
  • Reunions, Get-togethers, Family Days & Special Events
  • Home & Hospital Visits
  • Peer to Peer Communication

CrewCare places great emphasis on its members thoughts and suggestions and at time to time conduct member surveys to ensure its membership is listened to.

Referral Services

  • Support Act
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Business Advice
  • Touring Advice
  • Online Information Hub
  • Employment & Recruitment Angencies

The supportive nature and overall intentions of CrewCare is to advance the health and wellbeing of crew members. To correctly refer members in areas outside CrewCare's scope of services (i.e., financial assistance, counselling services), rigid protocols have been established to deal with crew in crisis.

Crew Communications

CrewCare interacts and communicates with our members via email and social media. Ongoing and continuous correspondence is conducted icluding a monthly newsletter that notifies the members of:

  • Events
  • Important information
  • Available services
  • Projects
  • Status of advocacy work

Join our Facebook Group

facebookCrewCare offer a private Facebook Group for all our registered members. Here you can socialise online and reach out to those in your industry. To join, simply click on the icon and request access. One of our administrators will establish you are a member and grant you access.

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CrewCare wish to acknowledge and thank our supporters.

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